Terra Australis 2024


Entry into this salon is open to photographers from all countries, amateur or professional. All entries and fees are to be submitted via the link on the exhibition website.

This exhibition is being conducted under the patronage of

  • Australian Photographic Society (APS)
    Approval Number APS 2024/07
  • International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)
    Approval Number FIAP 2024/133
  • Photographic Society of America (PSA)
    Approval Number PSA 2024-1085
  • Global Photographic Union (GPU)
    Approval Number GPU L240089

By entering this exhibition, the entrant agrees to comply with all organisations’ entry conditions as detailed below. Where the rules of any of these patrons conflict, the strictest rule applies.

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Terra Australis International Photography Exhibition

Good Morning

This year our club, Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club, will not be hosting the Southern Cross National Exhibition, we have instead taken on the challenge of hosting International Exhibitions. We thank you for supporting our National Exhibitions in the past and invite you to come along with us into the world of International Photography Exhibitions.

Currently open for entries is Terra Australis Photography Exhibition. Entries close 1st June 2024. The link to the competition is here.

In addition David and I are hosting the Outback International Photography Exhibition. This competition is also open and accepting entries. Entries close 11th May 2024. The link to the competition is here.

We look forward to seeing some of your beautiful images in both of the International exhibitions.


Gail McTaggart, Chair.

by Gail McTaggart, 19 April, 2024